Christopher Whorton


Pastor Chris is happily married and has seven children.  He has been a pastor for 15 years, and 8 of those years have been at Christ Cornerstone Church. 

Chris received his Master's degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2004.  He loves the body of Christ and preparing sermons to feed their souls.  When he has time, he enjoys reading about the theology and lives of the protestant reformers.

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Jeff Johnson

Elder/Worship Leader

God has blessed Jeff with his wife January and 4 wonderful children.  He is a 2013 graduate of Midwestern Baptist Seminary and is currently working on a D.Min in Biblical Counseling @MBTS.  He has pastored and has been a church planter for 8 years.  He loves how the Gospel is sound and practical to life transformation.  Jeff loves music and is currently working on singdevotions.com as a way to communicate Scripture in small groups and families.

Tim Cahill


Jim Smothers


Jim Smothers has been an elder for over 30 years.  He enjoys his work as a volunteer at City Union Mission, and spends time gardening and fishing.